College of Chivalry
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Sponsored and supported by Black Cat Archery

We are an established medieval re-enactment group who train regularly. Both in art of close quarters engagement and the deadly English longbow. We select characters from the past, learn their histories and portray them at various shows and festivals.

With the crash of shields and spears, to the sparks from wielded swords we are taught the ways of combat taken from medieval writings. Taught from our own professional fencing instructor Alan Knowles. learning from his vast experience and wisdom we have built our own, from which we spar against each other to perfect our techniques with respect and honour on the fields of battle.

But all would not be right without the English longbow and our archers. From which there is no escape! Fear our archers practice everything from bombardments to the precision of target shooting. at shows we play games and contests and sometimes even hunt the knights!